Wednesday, January 11, 2017

New Days New Ways

The creative juices are probably beginning to stir once again.  My aim is to finish off many projects and protect myself from starting new ones.  I don't really think I have much chance of this happening with evidence from my past experiences but one can always try.

However this will be the year where I suggest that the BLOG will take precedence over newsletters since we are receiving our information in many ways and the need for a newsletter is no longer there.  Duty lists and event lists can be sent via an email and updated as required.  They can also be published here.

Any interesting links and ideas can also be published on the BLOG and be immediately available.

I certainly would encourage everyone to add to our BLOG.  You can easily be added as an author so just let me know. If you have an opinion on all of this please join in the discussion at our next meeting on February 7th.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Challenges Begin

Our new elves, Rosie and Judith have pulled off a major coup with this incredible challenge.  We will definitely need to do our research and put on our thinking caps for this one!  Make sure you get your kit and start planning!


Our  challenge is to find a work of art from another artistic field and translate it into a Fabric Art interpretation.  Look at works by painters, photographers, graphic artists, sculptors, architects, fashion designers, etc.

Check out these examples!


The linen in our pack represents the blank canvas but it does not need to be part of  the final project if you prefer not to use it.

Time to get going!!!!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Pincushion Mania

Our Christmas Dinner was a perfect celebration of the friendship and shared interests of our members. Most people participated in the Pincushion exchange and there was certainly a lot of variety on show.  The next post will detail the amazing challenge our new elves have presented us with.  Creativity will rule!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


How many do you have?

I've been forced to write this confession blog post by someone who will remain nameless, Glo.  I haven't decided if she wanted me to write it to encourage me to work on my projects, shame me or make everyone else in the group feel better about their unfinished projects.  I suspect it's actually her revenge for my constant "Haven't you finished that yet???" queries.

I have just spent a week organising my studio space and I found 86, yes EIGHTY SIX, unfinished projects.  Before the clean up, if anyone had asked, I'd have told them that I had about 30 UFOS.  During the clean up after finding 43 I was feeling a bit sheepish.  After the clean up I'm somewhat ridiculously proud of my 86 projects!  Remember, this doesn't include projects I've bought the pattern or the fabric for.  I stopped counting those at 17.

Baby quilt

To be fair, most of my UFOS are the teensy baby quilts we're making for stillborn babies at Sunshine Hospital and therefore shouldn't take a lot of time to finish.  It has been suggested that I practice my FMQ on them but I think these babies deserve more than my laughable attempts at that.  Pebbles?  Try jagged rocks!  Do you remember doing this bird appliqué class at the Patchwork Teahouse?  No?  Me was THAT long ago.  If you look you'll see I only have about 20 embroidery stitches left to do on this block.  Oh, and an eye.  Mustn't forget the eye.
Christmas block swap
Who's bright idea was it to swap 12 inch Christmas blocks as Christmas gifts???  And then to do it again another two years in a row?
Elf Challenge
This Elf challenge was in the "I'm going to hand quilt this" pile.  Or is that the "I'm never ever going to finish this because I don't hand quilt" pile?  Don't laugh, but I had 4 quilts in that pile!  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!  Sorry, got a bit carried away there for a second.  Although I do suspect my hand quilting would be marginally better than my free motion quilting!

I've spared you pictures of the other 83 projects.  There's not enough room in cyberspace for them! many UFOS do you have?

Friday, October 21, 2016

Workshop frolics

It is hard to believe that nearly a week has gone by since we had our productive and fun day with two marvellous and inspirational teachers at our groups's workshop.

Both Zoe Clifton and Michelle deGroot presented a wealth of ideas and helped us produce some fantastic results as you will see in the attached photos.

Michelle had a wonderful relaxed and encouraging approach to helping us with free motion quilting. 
It can be very frustrating to learn this new skill!

Some examples of Michelle's's own work.

Zoe's class was cathedral window and some happy people achieved great results.  Sometimes the points were not quite right but then life is like that!  Put a button on it!

Thanks to the tutors and thanks to Evelyn and Deb for organising such a wonderful day.   

Sunday, October 9, 2016

More Tuesday Treasures

Sheila has completed her Emma Mary with 5 rounds making it a lovely big quilt, plus she has quilted it by hand.  Wow!

Karen has helped a friend finish a quilt in beautiful shades of pink and green.

We all loved Barb's beautiful version of a dresden plate.  Are we talking French General fabrics again? Check the backing fabric.

Evelyn is continuing the theme for her daughter with the bright colours,  Did I hear her say that is a 'dog quilt'?

And who is hiding behind these gorgeous projects?  It's Janice!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Washable pen experiment

I decided to experiment with washable pens after reading about a blogger who marks all her quilts for quilting with Crayola washable pens.  The pens cost about $10 for 20 so I thought that if it worked it would be a bargain considering a lot of decent marking pens are $6 each.

Click each picture if you want to see it enlarged.

I drew a table with permanent ink so that when washed I could see which colours, if any, were stubbornly still there.

After washing I was pretty disappointed with the result.  As you can see, the fabric is still pretty colourful.

Not to be beaten, I soaked the fabric in powdered stain removal for 10 minutes.  The blue pens have pretty much disappeared as have some of the others but the reds and browns are still showing.

So in conclusion, while some colours disappeared, who wants to be soaking their quilts in stain remover?  The pens may be good for marking seam allowances or embroidery lines which will be covered by stitching but I personally wouldn't use them to mark a quilt top.

The Crayola pens draw beautifully on paper however and there's a lovely selection of colours!

Yesterday I read about a blogger who bastes her quilts with washable school glue.  Stay tuned for that experiment!


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