Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Retreat Show and Tell!

Last weekend a group of us stayed at Uno in Hepburn Springs.  We were very busy bees.  Of course, I won't be showing or telling all because what happens at retreat stays at retreat!  Ahem.

Gail was very industrious.  She finished piecing this jelly roll quilt, pottered with a few more things and then almost finished quilting her Dear Jane wall hanging.

Sue is delighted to have finished the wall hanging she made for her son in law!  Sue also added borders to a hexagon quilt and did some embroidery.

If you see Kay tell her that next time she needs to be in the photos!  Kay made these beautiful Dresden Plates for her niece and partner for their wedding day.

Rosie hand stitched a bit of binding on her quilt as you go baby quilt.  She claims the amount of binding is growing as she swears she's already sewn 5 corners already and she still has lots to do!  Rosie also tackled this quilt as you go William Morris fabric quilt that she started in 2009.

Robyn worked on her squares quilt.  She is hand piecing all of those little itty bitty squares!

Ann is making a quilt for her son and daughter in law to be for their wedding gift.  These stars are going to have pretty sashing edges and the quilt is going to be HUGE!  If you value your life do not ask Ann how many half square triangles she had to make, press and trim.

Photo op take two.  Judy made this fantastic quilt for her husband's grandson.  It took forever to get the fabrics placed in the correct positions but, as you can see, was worth every second.
 And last but not I am with part of the quilt top I'm making for my daughter's best friend (in the UK) for her wedding gift.  It's foundation pieced and lots of swearing went into the making of it.  I also finished sewing the rail fence blocks for a Hat Creek Quilts quilt I'm working on.

We also had trips to the shops, ate loads, drank even more (Tea of course!), laughed, chatted and screamed.  Oh and we swore a fair bit too.  It was great fun and we can't wait for the next retreat!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Wedding Quilt Show and Tell

This quilt was one of Joy's I took to finish for her.  It came with a ready made label that Joy had embroidered for her son's wedding day so I felt it was an important one to finish.  My husband and sons recently went away for a couple of weeks so I decided to crack on with the quilt.  I laid all the blocks out on the floor in order of sewing and went to get the camera to capture the shot so I wouldn't get the blocks mixed up as I sewed.  

This is what I saw when I came back...

The next few minutes were spent trying to persuade Mooch, the stubborn greyhound, to get his doggy body off the CREAM CALICO quilt blocks while the darling creature rolled around like he was in heaven.  Several of the blocks flew through the air which added to his doggy delightedness.  Let's just say that at the end of it this was the only picture I had of the blocks in the correct order.

Despite his help I managed to finish the quilt.

Joy had embroidered and quilted all of the blocks and I had to add the sashing and put it all together using a quilt as you go method.  I hope the newlyweds of 8 years enjoy their quilt.  Sssh!  Don't tell them the part about the dog helping out!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Christmas in July

We all had a wonderful time at our Christmas in July celebration last Saturday.  Thanks to Judy and Rosie for all their hard work as The Elves and to Judy for organising the day and the project!

The project was brilliant!  We all made fancy necklaces or scissor fobs with cute little frames and assorted fabrics and embroidery floss.

The Elves challenge was thought provoking!  Art is all around us and our challenge was to be inspired by the arts used in fashion, architecture, paintings etc. to create our own piece of art.

I made this based on crayon art.  The silhouette is of my daughter and her wife on their wedding day.

Annie made this after being inspired by the picture below it.  Annie's version uses appliqué and free motion embroidery.

Maureen was inspired by the painting "Girl with the Pearl Earring".  The face was printed onto fabric and it and the rest of the design was appliquéd onto the background.  Maureen used paints to add shading. 

Robyn wanted to create a swirl of leaves after being inspired by a scene in a movie.
Sheila's inspiration for her design, which has many techniques, was the Eiffel Tower.

Julie was inspired by the Mario game and made this quilt top for her grandson.

Kay made this lovely wall hanging while sitting with her husband in hospice.  Sadly, he's passed away and the wall hanging, which features the hospice's logo is a gift of thanks to the staff working there.

Janice was inspired by the carving on a door in India.  You can just see the door peeking out from behind the cushion.

Throughout the day we stitched, chatted, laughed and ate and a good time was had by all.  Rosie showed off this beautiful baby quilt which she has been making using a quilt as you go method after quilting the individual blocks with fancy stitches on her machine.  (Disclaimer -  Rosie didn't actually show this off and the person who did will remain nameless for fear of Rosie killing her)

It has been decided that this will be our last Elf Challenge but next year we'll still be having a Christmas in July celebration and a different challenge will run throughout the year.  Bye Elves!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Thank you to Janette Harwood for showing ladies how to make jelly roll quilts on Saturday. There were several ladies busy sorting and sewing up strips. Near the end of the day there were at least 5 quilt tops close to completion which is great for a days work.
The quilts below were made by Janette and Maree well done ladies.

I was unable to attend on Saturday but have found a jelly roll at least 20 years old, unravelled and fraying so I intend to sew it up, just to make more room to store other things. The colours are 20 years old too and now I know why it has never been used! Looking forward to seeing pictures of some of the quilts.

Now for the next challenge. Don't forget out Christmas in July. The challnge was set lst Christmas "Blank Canvas". If you are new or decided not to do the challenge please still come a long for a day of fun and companionship. Now where did my creative juices go!!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Jelly Rolls

There has been a lot of talk recently at our group about jelly roll quilts.  They're convenient, you can do some wonderful designs with them and you don't have to match fabrics because all the hard work has been done for you!  I have a few *cough* unfinished jelly roll quilts and I also have jelly rolls sitting on my shelves that I just want to pull out and stroke every now and again!

The great thing about jelly rolls is that you don't have to just make quilts with these fabrics!  They're great for smaller projects too.

Here's a table runner that Julie has just finished.  It's beautiful!

What will you make with your jelly rolls?

Sunday, June 25, 2017

A big wow quilt

Wow look at this. This is a beautiful quilt completed by Kate Whiting, a Saturday Sit and Sew lady. WELL DONE KATE. SUCH A LOT OF DEDICATED WORK.  It is a Judy Neimeyer pattern called Flowers for my Wedding  Ring. I was keen to add it to my list of quilts to make until she described the work involved in the applique alone. It was stunning. Sorry the picture doesnt do it justice.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Quilt In

Sunbury Stitchers and Quilters Quilt In

The theme for this year's Quilt In was High Tea and Debbie and the Quilt In committee did a fantastic job with the decorating and worked really hard throughout the year to make this event a success!

Before I say any more I do have a confession!  I was supposed to be the official photographer on the day and it's probably fair to say that I failed in this task because I didn't check the battery on my camera before I left the house.  Ahem.  And while we're on the subject of confessing I have to admit that I forgot my 2pm - 3pm shift on the raffle table.  Sorry Deb ;-)

The Quilt In this year was held at the Jack Mackenzie hall in Bulla as it's a nice sized hall with lots of parking and is fairly easy to get to for our visiting groups travelling from all over Victoria.  A large group of us got together on the Friday to decorate the hall and I think it looked fantastic!

One of our beautifully decorated tables

Ready for our guests

The charity we were supporting this year was a local not for profit charity providing accommodation for women and children.  The aim of this charity is to take in families in emergency situations and then support them to help get them back on their feet.  Our group spent many months making all kinds of things to sell at our trading table on the day of the Quilt In. 

Charity trading table

We had two lovely guest speakers attend this event.  Emma Jean Jansen spoke first and displayed a whole pile of amazing quilts she had designed which feature in her book By The Bundle.  Emma Jean also designs fabrics for the Australian company Ella Blue.  You can see more of Emma Jean's work on her website

Emma Jean Jansen

Thank you gift

Our next guest speaker was Janette McInnes from the The Plain Needlewoman.  Janette had a whole heap of antique quilts, all with fascinating stories, to show us.  (This is where my camera died!)  Hopefully we'll have more pictures to show you soon.  You can see more of Janette's quilts on her blog

Spellbound.  Janette's antique quilts are stunning!

The ladies from St Mary's church, Sunbury, provided delicious soup and rolls for lunch.  The money they raised is used to support an orphanage in Chibobo, Africa.  The Sunbury Stitchers and Quilters are a talented lot who not only can sew lots of lovely things but we can bake too!  The tables groaned under the weight of all those tasty cakes and sweet goods!


We had four shops attend the Quilt In this year.  There was Patchworks Unlimited, Hoops Quilts, Patch n Quilt and Statewide Sewing centre, Highpoint.  They had a huge range of things for sale on the day.  Statewide Sewing centre kindly donated the first prize which was a fantastic overlocker and this was won by one of the lovely helpers Debbie drafted in to help for the day!  As another of Debbie's friend's won the sewing machine donated by Statewide at the last raffle I'm going to make sure that I purchase my tickets from Debbie next time in the hopes that some of this luck rubs off on me!  There were also lucky door prizes awarded throughout the day.

What people don't see, and aren't supposed to see, is all the hard work that goes into hosting an event like this so I'd like to say a huge thank you to Debbie and the Quilt In committee who worked hard with organising the whole day and to all the members who stepped in and helped out on the Friday and Saturday.  You really did an amazing job! 


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